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How to design a simple and efficient MySQL blacklist table

Ask Time:2018-01-25T00:49:40         Author:coderodde

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Suppose I have user table my_users in which there is a primary key id. Also, I wish to design (in MySQL) a simple blacklist table, whose declaration looks like this:

  user_id INT NOT NULL,
  bad_string VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
  FOREIGN KEY (user_id) REFERENCES my_users(id),
  PRIMARY KEY (user_id, bad_string));

The interpretation of any row in the black_list is that a user with the ID user_id wants to blacklist the string bad_string. Obviously, user_id cannot be unique since a single user may have more than one blacklisted string. Other way around, bad_string cannot be unique since more than one users may have blacklisted the same string. However, the pair (user_id, bad_string) should be unique since it makes no sense for the user to black list the same string more than once.

When we select a black list via a user ID (SELECT * FROM black_list WHERE user_id = X) in the worst case, MySQL will have to scan the entire black_list table.

My question here is: is there a way for running the above SELECT statement in sublinear time with regard to the number of rows in the black_list table? If yes, how can I accomplish that?

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