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Displaying duplicate values in SSRS

Ask Time:2018-06-08T22:10:15         Author:Ryan Gadsdon

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I am trying to show duplicates in an SSRS report but it keeps displaying the format like this:

Order   Item
 111    567
 222    789

Whereas, im looking for it to be like this:

Order   Item
 111    567
 111    789
 111    567
 222    789
 222    345
 222    521

I can only assume this is something to do with the grouping. It is currently being grouped by order and item because i want to display both.

I have tried all the answers here inlcluding (changing the hideduplicates column and adding a sub group) but i still cant seem to fix it and get the output i want


Has anyone got any other ideas?

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