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docker run rocketeq error

Ask Time:2018-06-08T21:59:34         Author:skywalkboy

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My OS is win10 and use docker toolbox running contain.When I run a rocketmq image ,it always restarting the log show the error is

java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/rocketmq/conf/broker.properties (Is a directory)

My dockerfile part is

CMD cd /opt/rocketmq/bin && export JAVA_OPT=" 
-Duser.home=/opt" && sh mqbroker -c /opt/rocketmq/conf/broker.properties
VOLUME /opt/logs /opt/store

And docker compose.yml part is

        - "/e/code/rocketmq-externals/rocketmq-docker/4.1.0-incubating/conf/broker-a/logs:/opt/logs"
        - "/e/code/rocketmq-externals/rocketmq-docker/4.1.0-incubating/conf/broker-a/store:/opt/store"
        - "/e/code/rocketmq-externals/rocketmq-docker/4.1.0-incubating/conf/broker-a/conf/broker.properties:/opt/rocketmq/conf/broker.properties"

I think somewrong is the volum map relation


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