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Ionic building an IOS application

Ask Time:2016-11-10T16:59:58         Author:noor

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I have finished building and compiling the Android version of the application from my windows laptop.

But to run it on IOS, am I supposed to copy the application folder to a MAC computer and run "ionic run ios"?

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Manoj Rejinthala :

Follow these steps.\n\nCheck whether Ionic is already installed in Mac by typing ionic -v.\n\n\nIf Ionic is already installed, type the following commands:\n\n\nionic platform add ios.\nionic build ios.\n\nIf Ionic is not installed yet,\n\n\nFirst install Node.js in Mac.\nThen install Cordova and Ionic by using this command:\n\nnpm install -g cordova ionic\n\n\n\n\nOnce done with the installation, use the above commands for adding platform and build.\n\nThen you will able to see Xcode file in platform folder iOS.\n\nThen you can ask iOS developer to generate ipa file for iOS build.",