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Where to find out Device Panel in Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8?

Ask Time:2012-11-02T00:46:07         Author:KentZhou

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1.Install VS 2012 Ultimate on Windows 8, then start VS 2012, but can not find Device Panel from VS2012 View Menu. Only 3 options for debug for windows store app:

Local Machine  
Remote Machine  

Device Panel mentioned here.

2.If debugging windows store app with Simulator, run the app, then try to stop the debug app with Alt+F4, the app running in simulator won't closed, if switching to VS 2021 with Alt+Tab to stop the debugger, VS 2012 will be frozen and crash finally.

Not sure where wrong. how to fix it? where to find out Device Panel, is it same as Simulator?

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Mayank :

Device Panel is not same as Simulator, it is a quick tool to change design surface to match screen resolutions, device state's etc., and that's about it. \n\nhere is the device panel \n\n \n\nand it appears on \n\n",
SaravanaKumar :

From the Design Tab You will Find the Device Window",
André Alberto :

In the Menu Bar. Select \"Design\" and click on \"Device Windows\".",