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How to add a string to this function in Arduino C?

Ask Time:2019-12-31T12:04:00         Author:whoff

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I've been toying with this code, and been looking up solutions to this problem to no avail. I was told you were to add a string to a function like so in Arduino C++:

myFunction(String myString)

I've seen examples using this as well. This is the chunk of code that is having issues.

if (piezoV >= 0.25) {
    // Serial.println(F("Playing track " + tracknum +""));
    String file = String(trackid) + String(tracknum) + String(ext);
    musicPlayer.playFullFile(String file);
    int tracknum = tracknum + 1;

The code fetches this error:

musicPlayer.playFullFile(String file); - expected primary-expression before 'file'

I'm new to Arduino C++, and I am using experience from other languages I've learned to help, but I was wondering if SO could help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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