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Xamarin iOS: Do all images need to be in the Asset Catalogue?

Ask Time:2020-06-21T11:05:13         Author:Rob L

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Visual Studio 2019 (Windows) Xamarin

I will start with the actual question (there is a second, related question at the end):

Do I have to include all images inside the asset catalogue when publishing an iOS App to the Apple store / TestFlight etc?

I noticed, that although the images show up when I run the App on an iPhone connected to my MAC, they are nowhere to be found in the XCode project. Therefore I am concerned they are not being uploaded to Apple as part of my latest build. All of my images are PNG and within the Resources folder.

It's the first build I have uploaded, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see (approx a weeks time apparently).

I also noticed the launchscreen.storyboard on my PC is not the same as the one in the XCode project. Why is it not being copied across?

But in the meantime, I could upload another build if the images DO need to be in the Asset catalogue.

Any advice appreciated.

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