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How to set the default PostgreSQL schema in Play?

Ask Time:2013-04-10T20:52:15         Author:Ozgur Dogus

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We are using Play Framework 2.1 in our web application. We want to explicitly set the database schema (not public schema) in our PostgreSQL database that's the application's database. How can I set it ?

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a_horse_with_no_name :

If your tables are all located outside of the public schema, the best thing to do, is to change the search_path for your application user:\n\nalter user your_appuser set search_path = 'schema1';\n\n\nIf you have multiple schemas, you can add all of them:\n\nalter user your_appuser set search_path = 'schema1,schema2,public';\n\n\nDon't forget to commit this statement. The change will only have affect after the user logs in the next time. Existing connections will not be affected.",
Wayan Wiprayoga :

As far as I know, from what I have tried before. You should define your schema name for each Model you want to. It should be like this:\n\nimport play.db.ebean.Model;\nimport javax.persistence.Entity;\nimport javax.persistence.Table;\n\n@Entity\n@Table(schema = \"schema2\")\npublic class TableOnSchema2 extends Model {\n ...\n}\n\n\nMaybe this solution would make an additional effort to define each Model with schema name. Because, I don't know whether there is configuration value can be set for specifying default database scheme for the application. But it works for me!\n\nHope this would help you.. :)",