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Can't access django development server on a remote vps

Ask Time:2020-12-29T00:09:15         Author:Marko

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I've just got a VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 on it. Now I want to move my Django app I've been developing on a local PC to the VPS. I moved it and it starts okay - it says the server is running on

So the server is running fine, but I can't connect to it from a web browser on my local PC. Note: I'm trying to access it with ip of the server (ip:8000) I have port 8000 enabled with netstat and I have added the IP to ALLOWED_HOSTS.

Update: I managed to access it using ngrok. By running the command ngrok http 8000 I got the url with which I was able to access the server. Now I'd like to know how can I access it with IP.

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