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Mouseover event don't work (vanilla Javascript)

Ask Time:2021-04-12T02:31:49         Author:user15606194

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I want to make a battleship game and I have a problem with mouseover event in Javascript. I want to make a function that will change element's text content to "X" when is mouse over this element.


var gridShips = document.querySelectorAll('.ships');

for(var i=0; i++; i<gridShips.length){
    gridShips[i].addEventListener('mouseover', function(e){placeShips(e)}, false);
function placeShips(e){
e.target.textContent = 'X';


But when I get my mouse over this element nothing changes. Only when I click on this element, the text content is changing to 'X'. I don't know where is the problem.

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