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How to make JavaScript and Python work together?

Ask Time:2017-11-16T20:54:00         Author:Karan Dhir

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I want to make a two way communication model for JavaScript and Python. I want JavaScript to process a data and send it to Python and then Python processes it and sends it back to JavaScript. I don't have a clue how this can be achieved and how the communication between the two languages will be made.

Consider the example:

Read the comments for clarity of the model!

var files = [];
const div_files = document.getElementById("files");
const div_results = document.getElementById("results");

function fetchNames() {
  div_files.innerHTML = ""; // clears the file div
  div_results.innerHTML = ""; // clears the results div

  var checkbox_elements = document.getElementsByClassName('filename');

  Array.from(checkbox_elements).forEach(function(k) {
    if (k.checked) {

      div_files.innerHTML += k.value + '<br>';


  // the files array should now be shared with python 

  // JavaScript SHOULD WAIT while PYTHON processes the data and shares the cal_array with JS

  // when the cal_array is available with JS only then it shall start processing the code mentioned below
  var cal_array = [
    [2231, 11640, 104621],
    [2231, 11640, 104621],
    [9, 494, 3339]
  Array.from(cal_array).forEach(function(k) {
    div_results.innerHTML += k + '<br>';

  <input type="checkbox" class="filename" value="./first.html">First File<br>
  <input type="checkbox" class="filename" value="./second.html">Second File<br>
  <input type="checkbox" class="filename" value="./third.html">Third File<br>
  <input type="button" value="Submit" onclick="fetchNames()">
The selected file(s) are:
<div id="files"></div>
<br> The result shows the number of lines, words, and characters of the respective files mentioned above:
<div id="results"></div>

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Mads Marquart :

If what you want is to create a web-app, and then send the data from there to your server via. AJAX, where you will work on the data in Python, what you need is something like Flask.\n\nIf what you want is to create a web-app that also runs the Python code, you need a python interpreter written in JavaScript, something like pyjs",