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Strange debug message run rails command in docker image

Ask Time:2021-09-22T05:57:52         Author:gingermusketeer

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I am getting the following strange output when running ./bin/rails from a docker image ruby:3.0.2. At the end of the normal message about available commands it starts a debugger session (I think). The backtrace appeared when I terminated the debug session with exit

Anyone know what the cause is for this?

The most common rails commands are:
 generate     Generate new code (short-cut alias: "g")
 console      Start the Rails console (short-cut alias: "c")
 server       Start the Rails server (short-cut alias: "s")
 test         Run tests except system tests (short-cut alias: "t")
 test:system  Run system tests
 dbconsole    Start a console for the database specified in config/database.yml
              (short-cut alias: "db")
 new          Create a new Rails application. "rails new my_app" creates a
              new application called MyApp in "./my_app"
 plugin new   Create a new Rails railtie or engine

All commands can be run with -h (or --help) for more information.
In addition to those commands, there are:

/usr/local/lib/ruby/3.0.0/x86_64-linux/continuation.so: warning: callcc is obsolete; use Fiber instead
Emacs support available.

(rdb:1) exit
/usr/local/lib/ruby/3.0.0/debug.rb:240:in `synchronize': deadlock; recursive locking (ThreadError)
    from /usr/local/lib/ruby/3.0.0/debug.rb:240:in `check_suspend'
    from /usr/local/lib/ruby/3.0.0/debug.rb:838:in `trace_func'
    from /usr/local/lib/ruby/3.0.0/debug.rb:1104:in `block in <class:DEBUGGER__>'
    from ./bin/rails:4:in `require'
    from ./bin/rails:4:in `<main>'

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