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maintain a list of exception types to ignore in the debugger

Ask Time:2021-09-22T05:47:52         Author:JoelFan

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I have a frequent work scenario where I run my app in the debugger, with "break on exceptions" turned on, but run into a series of "garbage exceptions" that are thrown in framework code and caught/handled just fine within the framework. These exceptions have nothing to do with the code I'm debugging.

Visual Studio allows me to ignore exceptions by type, but I have to do that one by one, by unchecking a box when they cause the debugger to break. Once I have done that once for every exception type, I'm fine for a while, but I notice that whenever I do a git clean -fdx, Visual Studio forgets the list of exception types I want to ignore.

Is there a way to maintain a list of exceptions types to ignore in the debugger that I can check into git?

[I like doing a git clean every once in a while to start with a clean slate (and it also is sometimes the only way to get Visual Studio out of its confusion) and don't want to forego that practice.]

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