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Using replace with std::ranges::views

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I am trying to learn ranges in C++20 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

I created a function to make lowercase in a string and replace all spaces by '_'.

template <typename R>
auto cpp20_string_to_lowercase_without_spaces( R&& rng )
    auto view = rng
        | std::ranges::views::transform( ::tolower )
        | std::ranges::views::common;

    std::ranges::replace( view, ' ', '_' );
    return view;

And I got the following errors:

Error   C2672   'operator __surrogate_func': no matching overloaded function found  
Error   C7602   'std::ranges::_Replace_fn::operator ()': the associated constraints are not satisfied

I tried to use view.begin(), view.end() I tried to use the std::ranges::copy before call std::ranges::replace.

Is it something I am doing wrong?

PS: In the project settings, I had to select Preview - Features from the Latest C++ Working Draft (/std:c++latest) because with ISO C++20 Standard (/std:c++20) with the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 preview I can't use views without compilation errors.

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