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Is it ok to copy css from different sites?

Ask Time:2012-09-22T17:42:56         Author:Yasser Shaikh

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FelipeAls :

If you also copy graphic design (background-image: url(img/bg-border-top.png);) definitely yes, you' re in legal trouble.\n\nIf you copy CSS without the images, you could have problems, IANAL, depending on your country, the sites you're stealing from and their respective country, etc\nUsing the same technique is perfectly OK (that is, parts of parts of CSS like CSS sprites here, accordion menu there, etc)\n\nNow WHY? There are dozens of CSS frameworks, hundreds of templates and designs under licences like GPL or Creative Commons-Attribution (with derivatives and commercial use allowed) so why would you even care to take any risk copying (verbatim) CSS their authors don't want you to copy?\nAnd for only $39, this WordPress theme is yours for the next 24H (entirely made of div yay! </joking>)",