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Ask Time:2012-09-22T05:12:46         Author:Rob

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I am trying to update my App for the iPhone 5's larger screen real estate. I have a tableview that has expanded to take up the full height of the screen by adding the [email protected] to my project, but the bottom couple of cells are not responding to touched in the simulator or the actual iPhone 5. Am I missing something? It's like the bottom portion of the screen is not detecting touched (but just in my App not the others).

Any thoughts?



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girish_vr :

This is whats working for me\n\nIn application didFinishLaunching method I added this - \n\nself.window = [[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];\n\n\nIn any other view controller, preferably in - (void)viewDidLoad;\n\nUIScreen *screen = [UIScreen mainScreen];\n[self.view setFrame:[screen applicationFrame]];\n",