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flash external interface in development mode

Ask Time:2012-09-21T21:59:11         Author:Keith Dodd

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I have a flash application that uses external interface (AS 3) to communicate via JS with webpage. All is working fine.

My development is in Flash Pro CS6 and its AS editor. Wondering whether there is a way to simulate passing info back/forth while in the development interface? I've put in extra buttons to click, etc. to see whether code is working. However such always depends on just simulating external interface and adding things that will later have to be removed. Always then have to test newly compiled swf on the html page and go back and forth to get things right.

Since the flash development interface is self-contained, I doubt there is is a way to do this; but, thought worth asking the question. Thanks!

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Cay :

As far as I know, there's no way in Flash Pro CS6.\nIt's probably possible in any other Flash development environment... in Flash Builder (or FDT), for instance, you can easily customize the URL or path to launch when debugging (like http://localhost/test.html, etc...).",