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Breakpoints and the 'font-size' parameter

Ask Time:2012-09-21T21:00:12         Author:mtt_g

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Has anyone had any experience of using the 'font-size' parameter with the at-breakpoint mixin?

In the documentation it states the following...

    <$font-size>: When using EMs for your grid, the font size is important. Default: $base-font-size

In a design I am working with I am taking the mobile first approach so the $base-font-size = 12px.

I am then adding a breakpoint at 50em's (arbitrary value for this example) as follows...

    @include at-breakpoint(50em 12, 16px) {
        @include container;

I'm not sure if I have got the understanding of this correctly but I was expecting, given that I've specified a value for 'font-size', that my font size would increase to 16px once the screen exceeded 50em.

However, I think I might have got the wrong end of the stick as to the purpose of this 'font-size' parameter as the font size remains at 12px at any size.

Does anyone know what this parameter affects?

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