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Transfer files between 2 servers with feedback

Ask Time:2012-09-21T20:44:24         Author:user1688686

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I need to implement Wordpress (or some other CMS) web site on Server_1 that when user upload files, they are transferred to another Server_2, there processed by some application and returned to Server_1 so user can download it or view. Because files can be large, I found that best solution would be FTP transfer, something like: http://www.designaeon.com/transfer-files-bw-servers-php When file is transferred, application on Server_2 should be started and after it process files they should be returned to Server_1.

So my question is: What is the best way to implement this?

Should I use php and ftp transfer and some listeners to check folder on Server_2 if file is processed or some external application that check folder every few minutes and copy to another servers files... I would appreciate any points on how to implement this and where to look.

Thank you in advance!

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