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How save Windows Form as pdf

Ask Time:2012-09-21T20:44:00         Author:FJPoort

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I'm creating a Windows Application with several forms in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. I want the user to be able to export the current open form as a PDF-file. I ran into some answers recommending PDFSharp, but I have no clue how to use it... I tried to figure it out by reading forums, other questions and answers, but I've just no clue where to get started. So, can someone please help me get started, by telling me how to use PDFSharp in my project?

I've already tried the following: Converting windows form in C# to PDF using PdfSharp

After adding the reference "PdfSharp", from my GDI+ folder, to my project, I'm not able to create a variable as a PdfDocument type.

Or if you guys have other suggestions/recommendations on how to save a Windows Form to pdf, please let me know.

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