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How to use cloudhsm java library

Ask Time:2022-01-27T06:55:29         Author:Beeb84

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In the Amazon CloudHSM command line tools there is the command findKey which can take a bunch of different parameters to search for keys by type, class, label etc. The equivalent in the Java library would appear to be the com.cavium.cfm2.Util.findKeys methods. There is no source, documentation or Javadoc for the classes in this library so it's impossible to know what the parameters to these methods actually signify.

What I'm trying to figure out how to do using the Java lib:

  1. How to find keys based on type?
  2. How to return all keys (Utils.findAllKeys(null) perhaps?)?

I've looked everywhere for some kind of Javadoc. Would be bonus if someone knows if it exists somewhere.

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