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Different to get the output between?

Ask Time:2013-12-03T17:38:43         Author:John Lapoya

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Could be any different to get the output between the next commands:

lsof_list = commands.getoutput('lsof  | awk \'{print $1,$2,$5}\')


lsof_list1 = commands.getoutput('lsof  | awk \'{print $1}\')
lsof_list2 = commands.getoutput('lsof  | awk \'{print $2}\')
lsof_list5 = commands.getoutput('lsof  | awk \'{print $5}\') 
lsof_list = [lsof_list1, lsof_list2, lsof_list5]

of course, rows are going to be columns and vice-versa, but I main doubt is about the data, can be possible that there will be different number of open files during the time the code is working?

To be sure, is there any function to execute few commands in Python at the same time?

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