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Failed to find csproj file in folder - unable to create c# template in vscode

Ask Time:2022-06-23T07:04:19         Author:Serdia

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Following tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieYrBWmkfno&ab_channel=ACloudGuru where I have to create an azure function using c#.

On the video, creating a template it creates all necessary files. But in my case it does not.

Choosing HTTP Trigger template it does not create any files in my folder. Only creates local.settings.json file.


SDK 6.0

SDK 3.1

Azure extension (includes Azure functions)

C# extension

What am I missing here?

enter image description here

Then having this error message:

enter image description here

Update: Azure function core tools installed:

enter image description here

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Hari Krishna :

Recently, Visual Studio Code has changed the User Interface for the Azure Extension Resources.\nStep 1:\n\n\nWhen you click on Create Function option, it will ask you every step like Select language, Runtime, Type of Trigger, Authorization Level, Function Name, Workspace Path, etc.\nWhen you click on Create HTTP Function option, it will ask you all the above options except Type of Trigger because the option creates only HTTP Trigger which is a shortcut of creating it.\n\nStep 2:\nResources required are:\n\nVisual Studio Code IDE\n.NET SDK 3.1, 5, 6 depends on your requirement\nAzure Functions Core Tools (v3 and v4 as v3 is required for .NET 3.1 and 5 and v4 is required for .NET Core 6).\nVS Code Extensions (Azure Account, Azure Functions, C#)\nAzure Storage Emulator or Azurite\n\nOutput 1 using Create Function option in a New Folder using VS Code:\n\nOutput 2 using Create HTTP Function option in a sub folder of the Frontend Project using VS Code:\n\nOutput 3 using Command Palette for Creating Azure Functions .NET 6 Project in VS Code:\n",