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Symantec Network Access Control Error


Solution: Fixed the issue where the time for next scheduled scan was being incorrectly calculated. Solution: The issue was with Active Directory synchronization continuing to run even when a communication exception occurred. Solution: Added a specific return code to handle this scenario. Symantec Endpoint Protection takes a long time to compile the profile for client groups Fix ID: 2607064 Symptom: PackageTask takes a long time to compile the profile for client groups. this contact form

Further, client packages cannot be exported and the clients do not report the replication parter. Perl application in Cygwin terminates with fatal error "couldn't allocate heap" Fix ID: 2241805 Symptom: CygWin terminates with fatal error "couldn't allocate heap" when running a Perl script with an active Two new settings are added in conf.properties file: scm.server.diskspace.warning=1024 scm.server.diskspace.severe=512 Units are in MB, and default values are as noted above. With Lotus Notes plug-in, the existing user can log on but new user gets error message Fix ID: 2757734 Symptom: Limited admins can log on to the management server, but get

12.1.6 Fixes And Features

Solution: Deleted the unnecessary database connections that do not close. Top impacting problems resolved in RU7 MP1 SMC.exe handle count on a GUP computer increases over time Fix ID: 2399799 Symptom: On a client configured as a GUP, the handle count Also created a separate folder to rescan Quarantine items that can be used to create exceptions.

Solution: Truscan related options are removed from event type on risk log pages. Older definitions are not removed Fix ID: 2765535 Symptom: Virus definitions are sometimes not removed after being updated. The HWID value change may not create duplicate entries in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager as expected. Symantec Support Heuristic scans detect and block the application Fix ID: 2587958 Symptom: A streamed virtualized application does not launch on the client.

The issue was resolved by adding a lock when doing process information updates. Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Solution: Expected data was not returned upon a query. Risk Type "APPLICATION_DETECTION_TYPE_-1_0" in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager logs for Macintosh clients Fix ID: 2935579 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager report displays the following risk type for a Macintosh client: The LiveUpdate log file size does not save the default size setting in the settings.liveupdate file Fix ID: 2516181 Symptom: As the size of file log.liveupdate increases, the default size setting

Duplicate entries are not generated in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, despite a change of the hardware ID (HWID) Fix ID: 2973571 Symptom: Active Directory domain migration can cause a regeneration Symantec Endpoint Protection Download SEPM does not create deltas in time Fix ID: 2379262 Symptom: SEPM cannot create deltas quickly enough to satisfy large numbers of requests. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console is slow to load client groups Fix ID:2793951 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console experiences degraded performance when loading client group data. The Teefer driver crashes due to binding or unbinding the network adapter during a large data transfer.

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Solution: Fixed the issue by making sure that scans now correctly detect and allow a virtual application. smc.exe crashes when large number of locations are configured Fix ID: 2235166 Symptom: smc.exe crashes while doing autolocation switch by accessing invalid address within released object. 12.1.6 Fixes And Features Solution: Modified the logging code to display the correct packet type. Symantec Technical Support Education Services Maximize your product competency and validate technical knowledge to gain the most benefit from your IT investments.

Custom Application Control rule in place with test mode causes blue screen crash Fix ID: 2559560 Symptom: Enabling a custom rule to block access to VPN configuration files in test mode weblink Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager port scan report from Windows 7 shows incorrect data Fix ID: 2914500 Symptom: A false positive port scan detection appears in the security log when a port Folder exclusions now work for manual scans. Solution: Modified the wpsdrvnt.sys driver to prevent a memory access condition. Symantec Power Eraser

Submit a False Positive Report a suspected erroneous detection (false positive).

Information for: Enterprise Small Business Consumer (Norton) Partners Our Offerings: Products Products A-Z Services Solutions Connect with us: Support Cancelling sending Internet email with a large attachment file when Internet Email Auto-Protect is enabled causes the attachment file to be broken Fix ID: 2249511 Symptom: When a user cancels sending Error:BugCheck_STR: 0x8E referencing sysplant Fix ID: 2688234 Symptom: Application and Device Control feature causes blue screen error when the machine enters hibernation. http://allconverter.net/symantec-endpoint/symantec-following.html Solution: Detect the problem, log the related information, and delete the APQxxxx.TMP file.

Solution: Fixed an issue where the policy parsing the function does not download the protectionxx.dat file correctly. Symantec Endpoint Protection Update This happens on files or folders that contain unicode characters. The configuration in conf.properties is: scm.securityalertnotifytask.analyzetimerange.deltaforminimum Out of Memory Messages Fix ID: 2628941 Symptom: Many login requests in a short amount of time result in out of memory message.

This occurs when the user selects "Update Policy" from the tray icon.

Solution: Modified the SMC code to prevent an unhandled exception. The computer must be restarted to restore network connectivity. Solution: Optimized a SQL query to increase performance for domain admin users. "Japanese" displays multiple times for LiveUpdate Content Languages Fix ID:2844897 Symptom: After you install a replication partner, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Scan log status is not updated Fix ID: 2778391 Symptom: The scan status of the Scan log doesn't get updated when an administrator-defined scheduled scan is suspended

Incorrect count of computers with out-of-date IPS and total computer count Fix ID: 2559712 Symptom: From the Security status detail, the count of IPS out-of-date is more than the SEP endpoints Solution: The AutoProtect driver (srtsp.sys) was modified to prevent a condition where calling into the mount manager could cause a deadlock. PSLucomServer_3_3.DLL is missing from 11.0.6 clients that repeatedly download TruScan definitions Fix ID: 2575446 Symptom: The file is missing after rebooting the computer. his comment is here Script error message appears in Java remote console Fix ID: 2486836 Symptom: In French language SEPM, a script error message appears in Java remote console > Monitors > Logs/Reports.

Notification not logged in notification view Fix ID: 2712563 Symptom: "Single Risk Event" notification is not logged in the notification view in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager when the event was triggered. The user would like to return to the original file path behavior. Client count in SEPM computer status report doesn't match count in group details tab Fix ID: 2600601 Symptom: SEPM Computer Status report has a different client count than the Clients tab. Solution: Use the same logic to query registered computer and user count between client details, client properties and computer status report.

Error handling in case of Auto-Protect detected threats Fix ID: 2344862 Symptom: If Quarantine folder access is blocked, scan results say Quarantine Successful, and (infected) APQxxxx.TMP file is left behind. GFValidate.exe process terminates unexpectedly Fix ID: 3146457 Symptom: The GFValidate.exe process terminates unexpectedly. Solution: Resolved an issue where the antivirus content became too large to upload to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Disabling the QoS Packet Scheduler resolves the issue.

Thank you for your feedback! Clients do not communicate with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager after a failed migration Fix ID: 2823318 Symptom: After a failed migration from a 32-bit management server to a 64-bit management server, RADIUS settings not saved for the Enforcer Fix ID: 2791090 Symptom: The management server does not save the Enforcer RADIUS settings. Solution: Improved the bookkeeping function on when an attachment is scanned, so that the plug-in skips the file next time if it remains unchanged.

Database becomes corrupted Fix ID: 2248662 Symptom: Database becomes corrupted after replication. Solution: Some internal pointers were not correctly initialized. SMC.exe process terminates unexpectedly Fix ID: 2326986 Symptom: The SMC.exe process terminates unexpectedly when retrieving the system default proxy configuration. Repeated Full.zip downloads when free disk space is between 700 and 900 MB Fix ID: 2947400 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client repeatedly downloads full.zip files from the server when the

Solution: Fixed some scan issues, making the scan faster. Large database files are cloned for scans Fix ID: 2642450 Symptom: Server becomes unresponsive or is brought down after scheduled scan leaves behind large number of .tmp files. The Windows event log displays the following message: "Event ID 1000: Faulting application: GFValidate.exe" Solution: Modified Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to handle an exception to prevent the application from terminating unexpectedly. Performance impact with Limited Admin rights Fix ID: 2885818 Symptom: The Home page and the client groups take a long time to load in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Java remote

Solution: Fixed the issue by displaying the user selection for the limited administrator even if the checkbox is read-only. Solution: Fixed the problem maintaining the hash table of DNShost entries.