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Supra Key Error Code 07


Select the Update Code link option. Communication Error: Invalid Frame Ack Please try the operation again. 9A03 Invalid Frame Ack The first byte of a response frame does not equal the command ID or Ack Error ID. Please try the request again. Incorrect CBS code. have a peek here

Command denied. Austin, TX 78759 Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 a.m. Press enter to accept the existing phone number. Not authorized.

Supra Ekey Update Code

Please perform eSYNC. 9B19 Read Sync Code failure Indicates that the ‘SyncCode’ could not be read from the database. Invalid date and/or time. AF Card zapped Replace your DisplayKEY.

Please perform eSYNC. 9B01 Send IO Error Indicates an IOException occurred while sending to the server. Only the KeyBox owner is allowed access. Shackle. Supra Display Key Update Communication Error: Null Code Please try the operation again. 9A09 Code Too Long Happens if a code (Pin, Shackle, Programming) longer than 12 digits is passed to a java KeyboxClient command.

Not authorized to open KeyBox. 9A14 Bluetooth Disabled Occurs when the Bluetooth radio is disabled when attempting to start a keybox operation. (Android only) Bluetooth Disabled. Supra Display Key Error Code 06 This can occur during any command. MANUALLY UPDATING YOUR DISPLAYKEY Update codes authorize the use of your DisplayKEY. Click Login.

The Update Code screen displays the current update code(s) for your DisplayKEY along with instructions to help you enter the update code(s) into your DisplayKEY. Supra Display Key Stuck On Connecting To Cradle This allows you to obtain an update code and view information about the KeyBoxes assigned to you in that MLS. Enter your DisplayKEY serial number in the first field. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Supra Display Key Error Code 06

Many of these errors are easily corrected. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Supra Ekey Update Code Note: It may be necessary for you to add numbers to the eSYNC phone number to perform the eSYNC operation. Supra Ekey Error Codes Do not remove the DisplayKEY from the Cradle while the red light is illuminated!

Click the down arrow in the field to view a list of options. navigate here WordPress Download Manager WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin Close Basic info on using your Display Key PERFORMING AN IMMEDIATE E-SYNC Press enter to activate the Missing data in response. Have to wait 15 minutes and try again. Supra Display Key Software

Communication Error: Client Busy Please try the operation again. 9A0B Cookie Lookup Failure Occurs when the Keybox Client cannot read a cookie from the Local Database. E2 Time access violation Do not attempt access outside timed access hours. The operation was canceled. http://allconverter.net/supra-ekey/supra-error-code-1a.html Error codes recorded in the DisplayKEY error audit trail appear in the list below.

IrDA communication failure. Supra Ekey Customer Support Please update your eKEY. 9080 Low Battery Charge Pump An Obtain Key or Release Shackle operation resulted in a low battery. Failed connecting to server.

Perform an immediate eSYNC.

Please perform eSYNC. 9B06 SOAP Envelope Not Found Error Code returned when the response XML does not contain a node with an XML namespace = “http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/” and name = “Envelope”. Please perform eSYNC. 9B22 Acknowledge Failed Error returned when the Acknowledgment status is not equal to ‘OK’. Verify the shackle code and try again. 69 Insufficient memory Replace your DisplayKEY. 92 Wrong number of digits Verify the code and re-enter it. 93 Wrong number of digits A8 Bad Supra Ekey Esync Access denied.

Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer may block the operation of the DisplayKEY USB Cradle. Phone: 512-454-7636 NORTH LOCATION 1120 Cottonwood Creek Trl. Access denied. http://allconverter.net/supra-ekey/supra-key-error-code-19.html Please try the operation again. 9A13 Authorization Cookie Not Found Occurs when someone tries to communicate with a Keybox from a different system code.

Scroll through the functions to MANUAL UPDATE OR CBS. Please perform eSYNC. 9B1E Meta data mismatch Indicates that the AppID attribute of the ‘ServerResponse’ tag did not match the value in the applications current meta data. Please perform eSYNC. 9B23 Cookie Lookup failure Error returned when the Key Config cannot be loaded from local storage. No network coverage.

Not authorized to open KeyBox. 902A Unknown Cookie Type The keybox is sent a cookie type it does not understand. Access Denied. Perform a wireless or obtain and enter an emergency update code. 9077 Wrong CBS Code User entered an incorrect CBS code. When prompted, enter the update code you received from KIMvoice or KIMweb.

Enable Bluetooth in Android. 9A15 eKEY Adapter Disconnected Occurs when the iPhone eKEY Adapter is disconnected during a keybox operation. Communication Error: No Response Please try the operation again. 9A12 Receive Timeout Occurs when the handheld does not receive a response from the Keybox or Translator within 30 seconds. Please perform eSYNC. 9B0A SOAP result not found Error Code returned when the response XML does not contain an XML node that is ‘{soapAction}Result’ where {soapAction} was the soap command that To view or change the eSYNC phone number: 1.

Communication Error: Update Keybox Failure Please try the operation again. 9A10 Update Pending SW Change Failure Occurs when a Keybox Software Pending Change record cannot be saved to local storage. Please perform eSYNC. 9B05 Verify XML Error Indicates an XmlPullParserException occurred while verifying a response from the server. Key is not updated. Please try again. 9046 Copy Protection Violation The Keybox is unable to retrieve the code (PIN.

Please perform eSYNC. 9B07 SOAP body not found Error Code returned when the response XML contains a Soap Fault.