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Sundance Spa Error Code Fl2


Linda Smith August 29, 2016 Reply I have a 2006 camden series sundance spa. This would also be the reason for the FL1 msg. On the Metro that should be J14 & J11 but check the back of your Sentry Control Box panel for the diagram or follow the wires from the circ pump to Nigel September 01, 2016 Reply Randy you want to use the hole opposite of the mesh side. have a peek here

If it doesn't go away you may have blockage in your circ line and or a bad Pressure switch. If continuity is measured, switch is OK. Sign up! Also put your hand on the circ pump to see if it is overly hot to the touch.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1

Can the wrapped garden hose go either way? Replies May 08, 2013 Reply Cathy a flashing FL1 msg means the flow or psi switch is not closed when the pump is running. We have turned the hot tub off and on numerous times and tried both filters with no luck. If your control panel is"Flashing" FLO or OHthen these are the items to consider: It is either a Dirty Filter, Defective Flow Switch or Defective Circ Pump. 1.

Re: Sundance 780 FL2 Error Cir Pump Will not turn off. We highly recommend that you use a qualified Service Tech to assist you with infield diagnosis. It can typically be found in the filter compartment and is a quick fix. Sundance Spa Flow Switch The "616" error code is displayed when your 365 day ClearRay Bulb timer has reached zero.

No 240vac here with a heat call would indicate a bad PWA. If you have proper voltage there with a heat call and you have no water movement you could have a plugged circ pump and or bad circ pump. Contact our parts dept at [email protected] if you require a replacement circ pump. Except for the heater.

I have also run the tub for a few minutes on pump 1 to see if that shakes the flow switch loose, it didn't clear the error. Sundance Spa Flow Switch Testing Please add an item to your cart to view shipping cost. Thanks Randy Knight September 20, 2016 Reply Did you every get an answer on the FL1 error on your Chelsea hot tub. We have a Bahia spa.

Sundance Spa Error Codes

When the water is not flowing it should be OPEN, not CLOSED, if it is closed replace it. If your tub is heating normally but then triggers the FL2 error once it reaches temperature it is likely a stuck or defective pressure or flow switch. Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1 Check for Flow/Pressure Switch problem.FL2:Flow switch or pressure switch closed when pump is not running. Sundance Spa Troubleshooting Fl1 Add water if needed.2.

I have tested the pressure switch dead, open & alive, closed, 5.04V / 1.83MA. http://allconverter.net/sundance-spa/sundance-error-code-sn3.html Contact the dealer or service technician.Start-up MalfunctionFlow switch is malfunctioning. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic of your Sundance Spa. Your filters were just clogged restricting flow through them. Sundance Spa Flo Error

October 20, 2016 Reply Thanks so much, I'll give it my best shot to diagnose it before I buy a new pump. Check wiring harness, If wiring harness tests OK, then Circuit Board is possibly defective.5. TB4 is your air blower assignment. Check This Out The initial code was an FL1 and we realized it didn't have enough water in it.

The filter isn't dirty. Sundance Spa Temperature Sensor Condition can cause injury or damage to spa and its components. Water level is good.

Possibly we are having the same issue you did.

Any ideas? This will activate your circ pump if it is functional, create flow and open the Flow switch. Spa error codes can be somewhat cryptic, but when you have the BIG LIST of CODES, you can immediately define the two or three digit source of trouble. Sundance Spa Error Code 616 Raise the water temp settings in order to cancel the Summer Logic condition.

You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Some system status codes are identified below as well, with the phrase "system message, not an error". I get a temp readout out. http://allconverter.net/sundance-spa/sundance-spa-code-fl1.html Ads are the only way to keep ManualsLib FREE and keep it growing.

This releases trapped air, and when finished, retighten the screw to the drain. Sometimes will work correctly on all speeds, sometimes low only, sometimes when going from low to high it will immediately cut out. I have you guys bookmarked now for all my hot tub needs and will be referring others to ur site because of ur prompt service and very reasonable prices." - Sarah With a heat call you should have voltage at these points. 230vac +/- 10% if you are hooked up for hi voltage, 115 if you are hooked up for low.

If you require a new pump/motor feel free to visit our online store at http://www.aqua-tech.ca. The spa will shut the circulation pump off if the water gets 2 degrees above the set temperature. July 04, 2014 Reply Shelley the -- symbol indicates WATCHDOG. Shelley Leggett July 04, 2014 Reply We just bought a hot tub used - it's a Bahia Spa from 2003.

c) Get an assistant to help turn the water on for 30 seconds. We changed the UV bulb last summer and changed out the filters.