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blog gallery travel search about « photo: spider wasp in action - when the hunter becomes the prey photo: lichen scramble » the computer would show the bios screen, try to boot, and just restart. if the "dir win32k*" command doesn't show the wanted file, you may find another copy in c:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\. after the intact version of win32k.sys is copied to your system32 directory, remove the bootable cd and enter "exit", and your system should start again. have a peek at this web-site

das system wurde heruntergefahren.") a quick search for error code c000021a brought me to lots and lots of help pages saying "please constact your system administrator". The system has been shut down. (the german version says something like "der systemprozess session manager initialization wurde unerwartet beendet. using the boot options menu (press F8 just after the bios screen goes away), i was able to deactivate the automatic system restart after serious errors, and finally was presented with navigate to c:\windows\system32\dllcache\ and copy win32k.sys to the parent directory, c:\windows\system32.

Be Sociable, Share! cd windows\system32\
rename win32k.sys win32kx.sys
cd dllcache
dir win32k*
copy win32k.sys ..\ renaming

  1. Im guessing after switching carriers the phone still tries to access the previous carriers system.
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  • however when i client for them to resend confirmation sms , i get un unknow error mesage--plea?
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    booting into safe mode didn't work either. alternatively, you may be able to copy the file from a similar system (be sure to check the bit architecture (32 or 64) and service pack version first!).